Topic: "Bragging life" in the online world generates dramas that are too easy.

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"Bragging life" in the online world generates dramas that are too easy.



“ชีวิตติดอวด” ในโลกออนไลน์ บ่อเกิดดราม่าที่ง่ายเกินไป



Nowadays, smartphones can be considered as the fifth factor for many people and the sixth factor is social media. You might as well see that as a matter of yours! Because you didn't do anything wrong You have the right to carry your smartphone with you wherever you go, wherever you are in the world. And have the right to play social media 24/7 as long as it doesn't violate anyone's rights And did not make anyone in trouble



But you might not expect that playing social media (Without thinking carefully) that is what you are doing "I am in trouble"

If you are the one who spends some of the day online. Will find that the drama that takes place in today's society Nearly a hundred triangles are "doing yourself" as well. Either the actress left the house during detention and uploaded her no-masked photo to social media. The DJ held a birthday party and took a clip. โปรโมชั่น slotxo  Take pictures on social media during times when prohibited by law. Or taking photos, making merit, releasing aquatic animals into social media Without studying well that it is a fish that is suitable for the ecosystem in that area Because even if the fish are in the water But it's not that going anywhere there is water.


Where you are, what you do, you want the world to know.

It can be seen that in all 3 cases as illustrated above Is a case of heavy criticism from the "netizens" To the improper action, so let's think in a different way, if all 3 cases don't take pictures and upload them on social media. Netizens will not know where you went and what you did (unless you were secretly filmed by an adversary).


Let me give you another example of a case that used to be popular news several years ago. Legendary concert tickets That has famous people in a way that looks and takes advantage of ordinary people Then he posted and boasted that he got it that way, this way. Until it became a very popular drama, the question is, if I don't post it on that day No one will know When no one knows Nobody hit the drama, right?

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