Topic: Why is it that 40% of Japanese people are afraid of talking over the phone?

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Why is it that 40% of Japanese people are afraid of talking over the phone?



เพราะอะไร คนญี่ปุ่นกว่า 40% ถึงกลัวการสนทนาผ่านโทรศัพท์?



In an age when everyone has their own cell phone, do you feel the same? That we instead use the phone to talk and talk through voice less every day From a survey of insurance companies in Japan that More than 40% of Japanese people are afraid to talk on the phone at all. The survey revealed that More than half of the survey    เกมยิงปลา   target were frightened and anxious to call or answer the phone. Until it can be said that it is “Fear of the phone” ever, let's look at the analysis results. Why are Japanese people afraid of talking on the phone like this?



From the analysis of the said survey results This is a survey of 300 young people between the ages of 20-60 years. The main content of the survey is Asking about feelings of anxiety when making or receiving calls, such as panicking or worrying. If your home phone or work phone rings, when to make a restaurant reservation. Will choose to use the Internet reservation method or call booking, etc. According to the survey, 40.3% of the 300 respondents fall into the category of "phone phobia".



From the survey, further information was made that In most cases, people with phone phobia are especially prone to worry about using a landline. In addition, the results of the survey revealed that Most people prefer to make a restaurant reservation via the internet rather than calling. By reasoning that If you call to reserve and make reservations, the end of the line speaks badly Will bully feel bad to nothing Which of these reasons has led to the tendency to be afraid to use the phone in the survey target audience?

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