Topic: Can I dye red hair dye over fading green hair?

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Can I dye red hair dye over fading green hair?


Please do not try to put that over the previously bleached and dyed section. It will not turn it red, but more of a greenish brownish color (not pretty) and the 30 volume developer s too high a volume to use on previously treated hair like the green is.

Loreal Hi-Color and the developers are meant for use on undyed, normal, darker color hair. Not to be used on previously bleached and dyed hair with a 30 volume developer.

I'm not sure you are able or willing to go thru all the steps needed to safely (as in not break off the last 6 inches of your hair) and correctly dye your hair all that color.

1. You'd need to strip or bleach out the Green Hair completely. So you will need to obtain a very good bleach or stripper that will remove the color without frying your hair. Depending on your hair's current condition, this could be tricky and expensive.

2.You would need to condition the bleached section and give your hair a break before processing again. This is so you don't fry or do too much damage to your hair.

3. You would also need to buy a second package of the Loreal Hi-Color and a different, much lower volume developer as well. For the previously untreated/dyed section, you can use the 30 volume and the Hi-Color, but you need to make sure to not color into the bleached section.

4. You would need to dye the roots and undyed section using the dye and 30 volume developer. Then let process as normal.

5. You would need to mix and apply the second package of dye with the lowest volume developer you can get, probably a 10 volume. You would need to check this every 5 minutes or so to see if it has developed enough to rinse out. Depending on your bleached section of hair's condition, it could take the dye quickly, or not at all.

And even doing all this, is no guarantee that it will come out as you hope, as there could be other issues with your hair(health, chemicals, not all the green came out, too fried to take either bleach or dye). Loreal Hi-Color is damned near-permanent and hard to remove if you decide on a different color in a month or so.

Your best bet would be to have a consultation with a professional stylist/colorist and see what they think and recommend. Make sure it is a stylist/colorist that is familiar with Rainbow-colored hair (not all are).

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