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Tips for playing Pumpkin Panic game




Pumpkin Panic is a game that combines farming and horror, in which you will have to grow and protect your pumpkins from scary creatures. The game has many different types of monsters, each with its own way of dealing with them. Here are some tips for playing the Pumpkin Panic game that you can refer to:


• You should pay attention to the sound in the game, because it will signal the appearance of monsters. When you hear music, you must quickly hide in the house. You can't escape the crawling monster, no matter what you do.


• When the candles in the house go out, usually at night, dark monsters will appear and you must leave the house. Lanterns only provide light at night. It won't stop the shadow monster. The shadow monster only appears indoors and will attack you, but it cannot go out. So the outdoors is your safe place.


• You should search for the clown and take his balloon pumpkin panic, you will have to return it to him later, otherwise he will come and kill you. You must follow the music to find the clown and exchange bubbles with it. Clowns often appear on opposite sides of the farm.


• The deer will gradually approach. If you activate it by getting too close, it will turn into a monster and kill you. It takes a few seconds to transform, giving you time to run. However, you cannot know when it will disappear. You should keep a safe distance from it pumpkin panic online.


• There is a trick you can use to deal with a deer if it blocks your door. You can run outside quickly to activate it, and quickly hide back inside. The deer will run away, and you will be able to get out quickly.


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