Topic: What Are The Applications Of UHMWPE Fiber?

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RE: What Are The Applications Of UHMWPE Fiber?


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What Are The Applications Of UHMWPE Fiber?


UHMWPE Fiber wholesale is the lightest bulletproof substantial, which has a high strength-to-weight percentage, high modulus. It helps absorb the bullet’s shock and benefits in a risky situation as it blocks smashed bullet pieces to eliminate the sharp shock and prevent secondary injuries. It is, so, the progressive ideal bulletproof fused material.

Moreover, it is UHMWPE fiber woven, which has UV, abrasion, water resistance. Also, these Supreme quality fiber has a low coefficient of friction with high tensile strength, abrasion, and impact resistance. These fibers with high corrosion-resistant are beneficial for any denier fiber, make any weight. Also, it has excessive liner fabric for industrial material management applications

Applications Of UHMWPE Fiber:

The UHMWPE Fiber is highly versatile and economical, making it highly popular and safe at such a reasonable price. Some of the applications in which you can use these types of fiber are:

·         Sports and leisure such as boating, skydiving, skiing, fishing

·         Manufacturing equipment

·         Ballistic uses (Body Armor, Armor Plating)

·         Transport-related applications include truck trays, bins, and hoppers.

·         Civil engineering and earthmoving equipment

·         Porous parts and filter

·         Bulk material handling

·         Ropes and cordage

·         Chemical industry

·         Food processing and beverage machinery

·         Automotive industry


·         Mining and mineral processing equipment

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