Topic: Halogen Free Retardant: The Benefits And Applications

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Halogen Free Retardant: The Benefits And Applications


The DEPA-03 is a Halogen Free Retardant or flame retardant that is on phosphate acrylic. It is caused by high phosphoric content. Also, the DEPA-03 requires comparatively low loading levels and is appropriate for use in coatings, adhesives, and plastics.

Moreover, it is highly suitable for use in both UV and styrene-based systems, including extended and extruded polystyrene foams. Also, DEPA-03 is highly useful and has good FR efficiency for the electronics industry,  offers high purity and loading requirements.

Halogen-free flame retardant composites from Honest Joy permit environmental safety regulations, comprising RoHS, without transferring and negotiating the necessary material performance properties.

Also, it is available for different resin systems which have better thermal stability, from polypropylene and nylon to polyesters and elastomers.


Some of the halogen-free flame retardant benefits are:

·         Bromine/chlorine/heavy metal-free for global environmental compliance

·         Environmentally-conscious ignition resistance for product safety

·         Reduced smoke generation for enclosed space applications


some of the uses of using them are:

·         It is used in Epoxy

·         They are helpful for Printed circuit boards

·         They are preferred for Encapsulants

·         For the Textile industry, they are highly beneficial

·         They are applicable for Intumescent coatings.

·         It is applicable for Polyurethane

·         Polyurea


·         They are helpful for Engineering plastics

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