Topic: How to dispose of panties, underwear, how to handle Without being shy Plus benefit

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How to dispose of panties, underwear, how to handle Without being shy Plus benefit



วิธีทิ้งกางเกงใน ชุดชั้นใน จัดการอย่างไร แบบไม่ต้องอาย แถมได้ประโยชน์





Have you ever wondered whether Underwear that have been used for a long time, we will leave. Or how to get rid of it As far as many times have been People may not think much, decide to collect and discard like any other type of waste. Or some people feel embarrassed, maybe wrapped up Or cut into small pieces  slotxo  So as not to be able to see that those rags used to be underwear And disposed of like general waste



But did you know that nowadays underwear is usually synthetic fabric. Which is microplastic That is, plastic particles smaller than 5 mm in diameter are often caused by the degradation or breakage of large plastic waste. Or caused by plastic that has been created to be small. These microplastics often create pollution problems for the environment. So we have a way to throw away underwear in a way that can be useful. Does not cause problems for the environment



Method is very easy, just collect used underwear and put in a paper box. Paper envelopes and send them to "N15 Technology 700/754 Moo 1, Tambol Phanthong, Amphur Panthong, Chonburi 20160". This company is a company that specializes in waste management. And waste materials from both the community sector And industrial sectors By adopting efficient management models and technology in operations. And there is a process of working either to be processed into fuel or burned for disposal, taking into account the environment as a priority.



The underwear you send will be crushed for fuel waste. Like this, stop being embarrassed and send your underwear to be of great benefit.

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