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April 13, 2017
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Privacy Policy of custom essay writing services

April 11, 2017
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March 22, 2017
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HOUSE DANCE. History in short facts.

February 3, 2017
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The style of move individuals were doing at these gatherings were more sexy, with loads of collaborating. It was more liberated and included a great deal of floor work." With heaps of twists and slides on the ground, artists would put child powder on the floor to make it elusive. (Right up 'til the present time, some house artists still do.) Many individuals called it "flinging. A considerable measure of today's home artists started as b-young men (also called breakdancers). "A considerable measure of us began as hip-bounce beasts.
This is what I researched when I was about to write my essay about styles of dances.

I never tried dancing thus style before. I am curious about it and I would love to take some lessons. Do you like that type of dance?


double step dancing

October 7, 2016
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I've just came across double step dancing in one of the articles on do my homework site. Wikipedia shows no result for this, and I just thought about downloading some tracks. Some media files they say are available on youtube too, but I found nothing there.


DJ FearLess
1.#TeamBadness - Global Badness Intro
2.Stein - Send Dem To The Morgue
3.Mavado & Rhyme Minster - Kill & Get Weh
4.G Starr - Mi No Easy
5.I-Octane - Silent Bad People 
6.Popcaan - Badness
7.Mavado - Pon Di Gully
8.Dwayno - Rifle Buss
9.Deablo - Run Dem Dung
10.Tanso & Jayds - ****in Hell
11.Dwayno - Mr Fagotty - Interlude
12.Dwayno - Mr Fagotty
13.Mavado - Try Style Man
14.Kiprich - Me Alone

DatGyal Sound
15.Vybz Kartel & Shabba Ranks - Bulletproof
16. Navino - No Beg Friend
17.Pencil Lunatic - Chop Up Him Brain
18. Nicko - Diss We
19.Dainjah - Wicked Heart 
20.Maestro Don - Dead Man
21.Delly Ranx - Nuh Fear Dem
22.Terry Ganzie - Mouth Bad Man Dem
23.Flippa Moggela - Badmine We
24.New Kidz HD & Sadiki - Zero The Game
25.Tommy Lee - Wah You Know Bout
26.Tommy Lee - No No No
27.Gappy Ranks - Ness
28.Teflon - Gun Dem Tall
29.Tommy Lee - Defend
30.Kaama - Bad Anyway
31.Gruvie - Try Me Now
32.Venda - My Dog Dem
33.Alozade - Neva Diss

DJ Super G
34.Alkaline - Ready
35.Bookie - Bagga Talk
36.Versatile - Bound Fi Dead
37.I-Octane - Dem A Fool
38.Mavado - Terror By Day
39.Mavado, Chase Cross & 3 Star - More
40.Beenie Man - War Message
41.Mavado - Nuh Badman Ting
42.Mavado - March Out
43.I-Octane - Nuh Care Who Vex - Dubplate

DatGyal Sound
44.Jayds - Eye Shut - Dubplate
45.Diamond White - Seh Dem Bad
46.Juggernaut - Step Softly
47.Fireness Intense - Nuh Take Sorry
48.Hollow Point - Mi Bad
49.Elephant Man - Bad Man
50.Spragga Benz - Informer
51.Miss Str8 - Done Dem
52.Caldhino - Bad A Yaad - Dubplate
53.Paradyme - Make Dem Hate
54.Alkaline - Scum Bag

DJ Super G
55.Ace Hood & Mavado - Buss Guns
56.Munga - Caah Violate
57.Alkaline - A Wah Gwan
58.Mavado - My Own
59.Cham - Clip
60.Cham - Sell Out
61.Mad Cobra & Ratigan - Just Bad
62.Mega Banton - Any Weh
63.I-Octane - Wi Bad
64.Alkaline - Mouth Talk
65.Timberlee - Spit
66.Mavado - Carpet
67.Mavado & 3 Star - Badman Ova Yuh Suh


Dj Styla - Murderous

March 1, 2014
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Twitter: @DJStylaENT


01 Murderous Interlude - Shyan & Junior
02 Nuh Ramp - Popcaan
03 Defend - Tommy Lee
04 Neva Lef It (Refix) - Vybz Kartel
05 War Criminal - Deablo & Size 10
06 Hot Yeer Riddim - Version
07 Beretta Beat - Jayds
08 Nuh Fraid - Deablo
09 Dem Nuh Bad - Nicko
10 Dead Bad - Shokryme
11 Dark Knight - Tanso
12 Don Deh Ya - Aidonia
13 Pressy Pressy (Dubplate) - Sixxy
14 Run Dem Dung - Deablo
15 Caah Violate - Munga
16 Shell It - Predita & Jay Phlo
17 Pound A Dah Ting Deh - XX3eme
18 Be Careful - Prince Pin
19 Straps - Skalla & Trigga
20 Nuh Like Informer - Chilando
21 Pop It Off - Dan Strange
22 March Wid It - Tanso
23 Eye Shut - Jayds
24 Mek Duppy (Interlude) - Busy Signal
25 Mek Duppy - Busy Signal
26 Freddy Krueger Riddim - Version
27 Seh Dem Bad - Masicka
28 When Badman A Step - Deablo
29 Hands Str88 - Teff U Deff
30 Any Bwoy Diss Dead - Dwayno
31 ****in' Hell - Tanso & Jayds
32 Unkind - Tommy Lee & Megah Banton
33 Dead - Gage
34 Murder Dem - Gage
35 Murder ft Sha-Quan - Mavado
36 Obeah - Alkaline
37 Ready - Alkaline
38 Bound Fi Dead - Versatile
39 Living Evil - Deva Bratt
40 Dark & Evil - Merital
41 Dem A Fool - I Octane
42 Interlude - Killa Speaks
43 So What - Tommy Lee
44 Chop Chop - Tommy Lee
45 Risk - Tommy Lee
46 Nuh Mek Me Feel Soh - Tommy Lee
47 Pon Di Gully - Mavado
48 Kill & Get Weh - Mavado & Ryme Minista
49 Shella Riddim - Version
50 More - Mavado & Chase Cross & 3 Star
51 Terror By Day - Mavado
52 Nuh Fraid (Interlude) - Kiprich
53 Nuh Fraid - Kiprich
54 War Message - Beenie Man
55 Shella - Frisco Kid
56 All Now - Jus Chris
57 Try Diss - Taiji
58 Mouth Talk - Alkaline
59 Fi Get A Forward - Tommy Lee
60 Mad World Riddim - Version
61 Nuh Bad Up - Deablo
62 Step - Mavado
63 Mad World - Frisco Kid
64 Defend Mi Self - Di Genius
65 Lend Dem Some Badness - Laden
66 Killing **** - Demarco
67 Young & Gettin It Freestyle - Deablo

DJ FearLess - Head Hot Mixtape

January 26, 2014
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                                               Click to Listen/download












1-Busy Signal-Pure Winery 38 Intro
2-Mad Cobra-Defend It
3-Busy Signal-Set Up
4-Elephant Man-Straight
5-Macka Diamond-Dye Dye
6-Touchless Ft. Spice-Work It
7-Specialist-Gawn A Negril
8-Elephant Man-Bubble Butt (Refix)
9-Vybz Kartel-Business
10-Konshens-Independent Lady
11-Beenie Man-Bad Til Yuh Buck
12-Busy Signal-Set It Good
13-QQ-Bunna Man
14-Aidonia-Fuck A Hold Mi
15-RDX-Drop (Kotch Pt.2)
16-Sean Paul-The Other Side Of Love
17-Busy Signal Ft. Ikaya-Wickedest Position
18-Busy Signal-Grease Up
19-Busta Rhymes Ft. Nicki Minaj-Twerk It (Remix)
20-Beenie Man-Drop It
21-Cecile-Wine Up Mi Body
22-I-Octane-Grow So
23-Konshens-God A Mi Don
24-Mavado-Body Look
25-Popcaan-Be Like e
26-Spice-Come Inside
27-Tifa-Lyrically Educated
28-Vybz Kartel-Georgina
30-Agent Sasco-Start War
31-Elephant Man-Wine Fi Di Summer
32-Konshens-Anyweh (Party Version)
33-Leftside-We Don’t Care
35-Sean Paul-Do Di Ting
36-Busy Signal-Money Haffy Mek
37-Delly Ranx-Got it
38-I-Octane-Cut Off Link
39-Kiprich-Peeping Tom
40-Mr. Vegas-2Face Friends
41-Popcaan-Talk Mi Business
42-I-Octane-My Mother
43-Bugle-Good N Bad
44-Tiana-Gal Broad Out
46-The Hitmaker-Da Look Deh
47-Kalado-Bring Life
48-Beenie Man-Di Realest
49-Fantan Mojah-Party Wid Di Girls
50-I-Octane-Happy Tyme
51-Ishawna-No Fear
52-Konshens-Give Praise
53-Busy Signal-Guiding Star




June 24, 2013
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01 Mavado – Out There It’s Real
02 Demarco – Money
03 Demarco – Bun Devil & Demon
04 Busy Signal – Bedroom Bully
05 Aidonia – Pon Di Cocky
06 Vybz Kartel – Convertible
07 Konshens – Gyal A Bubble
08 Stacious – Do It Propa
09 Angelique Sabrina Feat. Richie Loop – Stop Sign
10 Demarco – Every Gyal A Mine
11 Konshens – Bad Gal
12 Mr G – Swaggerific
13 Vybz Kartel Feat. Popcaan & Gaza Slim – Clarkes
14 Erup – Click Mi Finger
15 Wyclef Feat. Dj Suss One – Freaks (Remix)
16 French Montana Feat. Nicki Minaj – Freaks
17 Konshens – Dangerous
18 Macka Diamond – Dye Dye
19 Gyptian – All Night
20 Cham – Lawless
21 Ja’shayla – All Over Me
22 Rdx – Jump
23 Mr Vegas – Bruk It Down
24 Rdx – Kotch
25 Beenie Man Feat. Raine Seville – You Choose
26 Busy Signal – Greese Up
27 Mr Vegas – Gallis
28 Vybz Kartel – Drop Top
29 Gyptian – Whine
30 Demarco – Badman World
31 Mr Vegas – Video Light
32 Vybz Kartel – Sex & The City
33 Demarco – Wine & Brace
34 Vybz Kartel – Gimme Di Benz Punany
35 Konshens – Jiggle
36 Konshens Feat. Darrio – Gyal Sidung
37 Busy Signal – Til It Buck
38 Erup Feat. Jahbert – Party Full
39 Beenie Man Feat. Icandy – Realest Gyal
40 Vybz Kartel – No Bed
41 Mavado Feat. Stacious – Come Into My Room
42 Buju Banton – Inna Half
43 Mavado – X-Rated
44 Blak Diamond Feat. Keely – Beautiful
45 Vybz Kartel – Business
46 Popcaan – Clean Stamp
47 Elephant Man – Wine Fi Di Summer
48 Sean Paul – Do Di Ting













01.x-rated – pop caan remix intro & stop – pop caan remix
03.dye dye – macka diamond remix
04.hold me hurt it up – vybz kartel good – aidonia remix
06.guh to hell – red fox dub
07.x rated -movado
08.inna half – buju banton
09.pu$$y fi the year- elephant man pan di hustling – agent sasco
11.try offa mi – i-octane
12.we have it locked – vybz kartel r
13.weed & hennessy – movado
14.pretty panty – deno gee ft lisa h
15.set it good – busy signal remix
16.bad til yuh buck – beenie man rem
17.bun nu nu – tommy lee
18.georgina – vybz kartel
19.drop top – vybz kartel demarco
21.buss a blank – i-octane zj rush r
22.buss a blank – i-octane the top – movado
24.fear no evil – kiprich
25.bad man world – demarco
26.f@$k me – konshens
27.she waan f@#k- kiprich
28.yuh touch sweet- charly black
29.bounce pon di cocky – kiprich
30.pon di cocky – aidonia x-rated re
31.fine china – chris brown ft aidon








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